Professional Foot Care Line


Imperial Feet launched six products that have cleared preliminary FDA review in the United States. These six products have been tested extensively and have proven results to restore toenails with nail fungus, athlete’s foot problems, and cracks in the heels (when used as directed).

Nail Mycosis – Fissure Cream – Athletes Foot – Shoe and Sock Spray – Urea Balm – Corns and Calluses Cream

Imperial Feet products are sold exclusively by salon and licensed foot care professionals. If you have been verified as a partner, you can click on the Retailer Shop or Distributor Shop to place your orders.

Imperial Feet is a leading brand in the Dutch foot care industry known as Samenwerkende Pedicures since 2001, and we now work with professionals all around the world. The products have been exhaustively tested by foot care specialists, exhibiting highly impressive results. Our trusted solutions are suitable for diabetics and paraben free. Imperial Feet is exclusively sold by foot care specialists and distributors.

Imperial Feet USA is pleased to be working with the official spokesperson Lori Halloway, known as The Meticulous Manicurist on YouTube. Lori exudes a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of cosmetology specializing in customized pedicure services. Her commitment to the industry and dedication to enhancing the knowledge of her peers is commendable.

You can see stunning results on her social media sites and watch serious transformations of toenail problems and their recovery with Imperial Feet products on her YouTube channel, The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials. We appreciate the commitment and excitement she demonstrates to the Imperial Feet brand.

Do you want to provide the best foot care products to your clients and patients? Imperial Feet products have been proven to restore the feet and nails from even the most dramatic conditions. Give your clients a solution they can use at home to reverse conditions like athlete’s foot, nail mycosis, white onychomycosis, and cracked heels.

You must become a verified partner to carry the Imperial Feet line. You must hold a current license in the beauty industry, such as a salon establishment license, nail technician license, cosmetology license, or esthetician license. Podiatry offices, healthcare professionals, and specialized foot companies can also become partners.

We are dedicated to preventing diversion to keep the products sold by professionals only. You must agree not to sell the products on Amazon or Ebay. You can sell them in your own online stores and in your business.

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